Limited Solitaire

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Limited Solitaire is an easier to win cousin of Forty Thieves Solitaire. The game starts with 36 cards dealt into 12 piles with 3 cards in each. Only the top card in each of these piles may be moved. The card may be moved between the piles to build the piles down by suit, or may be moved to the foundations to bulid the foundation up by suit from Ace to King. When the player gets stuck he can deal cards from the stock pile into the waste pile one at a time, and use those cards to build on the piles or the foundations. In the card game, the player is allowed to look at the top card in the stock pile before moving it to the waste pile. The player in this online version has a peek card, that is neither in the stock pile or the waste pile. This card is moved to the waste pile if another card is drawn from the stock pile. If a pile becomes empty, the player can fill that space with any card to start a new pile. The player wins when all the foundations show Kings.

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