Castle Solitiare

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Castle Solitaire is solitaire card game that is a modified version of Beleaguered Castle Solitaire. Castle Solitaire is intended to make Beleaguered Castle Solitaire less difficult by allowing the player to build his card piles up or down, similar to Fortress Solitaire. The game begins with the player removing the four aces from the deck and placing them in a column in the center of game play. The player then deals the 48 cards left into 8 piles. One pile is to the right and one pile is to the left of each of the cards in the foundation. In Castle Solitaire, these piles may be built up or down regardless of suit, but only by moving the top card in each pile. The foundations are built up from Ace to King by suit. The player wins the game when all 52 cards have been placed in the foundations.

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