Calculation Solitaire

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Calculation Card Game

Calculation Solitaire is an odd bird. I'm not sure that I've played any other solitaire card game that's quite like it. It's very strategic and requires a lot of thought, so it's good for those who like a strategic challenge in their card games. The foundations do not need to be built up by suit. In fact you can ignore suit altogether for this game. You're trying to build up the foundations by alternating numbers by the value of the card placed next to that foundation. The first foundation you need to place every card in order. The second one you place every other card, the third foundation every third card, and the fourth foundation every fourth card. To make this part easier, I place the value of the next card you must place next to the foundation.

You also have 5 piles. In these piles you can place any card in any order. The down side is, you need to take the cards off the pile in reverse order you put them on (you can only take the top card off the pile). You are also not allowed to move any cards between the piles. Once a card is in a pile, the only place you can move it is to a foundation.

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